Sunday, January 29, 2012

flower 26


I finally was able to get into my blog. I have been painting many picture but have not put them on my blog. After my masonite I tried canvas board and I don't like canvas board and didn't publish anything I did. Then I did a lot of large canvas that wouldn't fit in my scanner. After a while I couldn't get into my blog. I discovered how when I read some of the things others tried when they couldn't get in. It seems when I requested my pass work it was set to my spam. Now that I can get into my blog I am full of ideas.

This one I was getting desperate for something to paint on when I ran out of masonite. Its oil on paper. My dear husband likes my flowers. He has been taking lots of pictures for me to paint. :). I've done some on location and some I bring into the house.

I'm back to my blog.